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Software development is a journey from first idea to implementation, always writing new chapters about people's lives, their work and effort. We at Algorim know that every project encompasses a story and we believe that a great solution always is an interesting and thrilling story. We love stories...

We build web, mobile and server solutions, we create tools for work and we help with completely new projects and ideas. Our team is a greatly coordinated band of software engineers and analytics.

We are Algorim.


  • Ideas and needs of your project, its goals and priorities
  • Innovations, news and trends
  • Users, their requirements and wishes
  • Design style, colors and UX
  • Technologies, architecture, service and development

.. these and more difficult questions are a basis of software projects. Beign able to listen, to communicate and to move forward together is the key to solution. And our answer to:
Why Algorim?
.. and because we love to create and to push projects to modern, simple and elegant solutions.

Our story


stable and firm foundation, harmony of technology and solution


novel approach and technologies, simplicity and timelessness

Experience CZ EU USA over 8 years Successful models Awards

We design what
you need


Wireframing is a necessary tool - it will help us to understand the core of your project. Connection between visual aspect and projects purpose will be a continuous benefit and a source of information and base for communication.

We speak your language

We will be able to speak to you without abbreviations, slang, special terms and general definitions. We are alway learning and language of your project is always unique.

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We shape
your vision

From wireframes to a complete solution. Together we will lead your vision through all development and write a new story. Step by step: we design, develop, consult, test and deploy completed solutions for testing and start again: we develop, bugfix, modify

And most importantly - we communicate with you …

We design We create We consult We communicate

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